Gain the Smile You’ve Always Wanted with Invisalign

It is said that self-confidence comes from within, this is very true.  Most people’s self-confidence is linked to how they feel about their appearance. For many of us, there is a certain amount of confidence that is generated by how other people perceive us. This is a major reason why having to deal with braces as an adolescent or adult can be such a difficult situation. Braces are typically viewed as a treatment for children. The idea of a mouth full of metal doesn’t sit well with many people past their teens. It is for this reason that Invisalign was developed.

Invisalign is a revolutionary way to approach fixing crooked or misaligned teeth. Invisalign involves wearing a series of clear aligners that are very easy to put on, and comfortable to wear. Invisalign uses a state of the art computer system, which allows for easy modification and monitoring throughout the entire process. Each set of Invisalign aligners is worn for 2 to 4 weeks, then they are changed to  a new set to further the correction of the teeth.  The aligners work slowly and discretely to straighten out each one of your teeth.   The treatment is usually completed in the same amount of time, but with fewer office visits when compared to traditional metal braces

Aside from being practically undetectable, they also allow for removal to eat and drink, as well as for proper brushing and flossing.  This added benefit over traditional braces allows you to achieve better oral hygiene while straightening out your teeth.  Being able to take off the aligners, means that you do not have any restrictions in regard to what you eat. 

Another added benefit of is less pain.  Traditional metal braces can many times irritate your mouth and gums.  The metal wire and bracket can poke and jab your mouth causing great discomfort.  Much of the pain that is associated with getting braces is forgotten with Invisalign.

There are two types of Invisalign: one type of for adults and another Invisalign for teens.  Invisalign Teen is the newer of the two products. Many times teenagers have teeth that are still developing.  Invisalign Teen has adjustable aligners that address this issue so that there is no potential damage to the teeth of teenagers. 

The cost for each type of Invisalign is very similar. Each individual case will determine the actual cost for each patient, but on average you are spending the same amount with Invisalign as you do with traditional braces. Also, Invisalign is covered by a large number of insurance carriers that can help subsidize the costs.

As discussed before, facing braces as an adult or teenager can be awkward. With Invisalign, this concern is removed. You can choose to straighten your teeth for health, professional or social reasons without the worry of being noticed. With Invisalign, you can continue with your regular activities while flashing a great smile at the same time.